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Retirement Planning for G-4
Visa Holders

When planning for a successful retirement, G-4 visa holders have many tax and financial issues to consider. In Dale’s most recent video, he discusses the some of the most important retirement planning topics that are unique to G-4 visa holders; such as:

  • Whether to stay in the U.S. or retire abroad

  • Avoiding the “Exit Tax” in retirement

  • FIRPTA income tax withholding on the sale of U.S. real estate

  • Estate tax issues – May be limited to $60,000 exemption if you retire outside the U.S.

  • The potential benefits to taking a lump-sum pension benefit (commutation)

  • Setting-up a U.S. nonresident investment account for retirement and to leave a legacy to heirs

Want to learn more about planning for a successful retirement as a G-4 visa holder? Contact Dale Mason, CPA.

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