International Organization

Employees & Retirees

Tax Services

  • U.S. tax return services and financial consultancy for U.S. citizens/green card holders and G-4 visa holders

  • Pre-retirement tax planning; including tax and financial advice of obtaining a green card

  • Pre-retirement financial advice regarding pension lump-sum distributions

  • Joint income tax return advice (6013(g) election/ revocation)

  • G-4 visa holder pre-immigration planning

  • G-4 visa holder sale of U.S. real estate advice (10%/15% “FIRPTA” withholding tax recovery)

  • G-4 visa holder estate tax planning

  • G-4 visa holder college tuition planning

  • G-4 dependent spouse tax planning

U.S. Expatriate

Tax Services 

(U.S. citizens working abroad)

  • U.S. tax return services and financial advice

  • Pre-departure tax and financial advice

  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion election (Form 2555)

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)

  • Reporting of Specified Foreign Financial Assets (Form 8938)

  • IRS Offshore Tax Amnesty Program advice:

  • Foreign Streamlined Program

  • Domestic Streamlined Program

  • Tax planning to avoid or reduce double taxation

  • State & local tax planning to reduce or eliminate taxation while living abroad

  • Foreign Trust compliance (Form 3520 & 3520-A) and tax planning

Exit Tax



  • Planning strategies to avoid or reduce the Exit Tax

  • Calculation of worldwide net worth and average five-year tax liability

  • Calculation of present value of foreign and international organization defined benefit pension plans

  • Review of prior five-year tax returns for verification of full tax compliance

  • Referral to a immigration attorney for advice on relinquishment of U.S. citizenship or green card

  • Preparation of final U.S. resident tax return and preparation of Expatriation Statement (Form 8854)